About us


Tailored software

In FMOSys, we design and implement your Intranet software and Internet applications according to your needs, taking into account your business specificity; So you dedicate yourself to your customers and we take care of your IT.


Our business is to shape your software and Internet applications together with you to connect your existing business expertise and software with Internet technologies.


Software Maintaining

Your computer applications and software are obsolete … and it is necessary to redo it: It is often the message that disclose many IT service providers …

At FMOSys, we study this in detail before and advise you on the best solution to take back your existing applications and make them evolve.

Improving your existing solutions

We take over your applications and internet software; we will make them evolve to the new business features of your need.

No more programmed software obsolescence.


Internet Intranet

Design and maintenance of your Internet and Intranet solutions.


Dedicated software to meet your needs. Whether in the field of document management, video animations for giant display screens, industrial computing for automation, interfacing of your connected objects, geolocation …